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Digi Marketing Edu is the premier digital marketing education provider and producer of leading online digital marketing textbook 'Digital Marketing Fundamentals'. Digital Marketing Fundamentals provides aspiring and forward thinking digital professionals a sound foundation in the digital marketing mix, digital strategy, social media, mobile marketing, analytics, web development and the digital customer experience.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Digital Marketing Fundamentals is a leading online digital marketing textbook providing marketing professionals up to date learning on the digital marketing environment, developing a digital strategy, key developments in social media, search marketing, email, content, mobile and the customer experience. The online text is updated at least once yearly and responds to developments and emerging technologies impacting marketers.

DME Certification

Stand out from the crowd and become a DME certified digital marketing professional. To complete the certification process, complete all 12 tests following each chapter before going on to take the final exam. Tests and Exam are in the format of multiple choice. Candidates must achieve 60% or above in each test before progressing to the final certification exam. To obtain certification status candidates must achieve 70% or above. Once certified you will receive your own personalised certificate to print and display on your personal website, CV or LinkedIn profile.

Prof. Graeme McLean, PhD

Graeme is a Professor of Digital Marketing and Behavioural Science at the University of Strathclyde and a partner with Digi Marketing Education producing the leading online digital marketing textbook, 'Digital Marketing Fundamentals'. Graeme has worked with some of the leading digital marketing agencies in the UK, and provides digital consultancy to SMEs and International organisations. He publishes in leading academic journals and regularly presents at International conferences around the world on topics related to digital marketing.

DME Training

Needing support with your Digital Marketing needs? Digi Marketing Edu can help you.
Digital Marketing Edu provides digital marketing support to individuals, SMEs, National and International organisations. Should you find the 'Digital Marketing Fundamentals' online textbook and certification process doesn't meet your professional needs get in touch and we will work out a tailored solution.

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