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6th Edition

Prof Graeme McLean



Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Online Marketing Environment

Assessing the Digital Marketplace

Digital Strategy

Developing an Online Strategy

Digital Marketing Mix

Disruptive Technology

Online Customer Experience & Design

A Marketer's Perspective

Digital Communication Channels

Extending the Offline Mix

Search Marketing


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Dr Graeme McLean

Prof Graeme McLean

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Digital Marketing Fundamentals is an all rounded digital marketing text providing students and professionals insight into digital marketing theory and practice. The text comes with Digi Marketing Edu's (DME) route to DME certification.

DME Certification

Become a DME Certified Digital Marketing Professional.

First step to Certification Status

Complete all 12 multiple-choice chapter tests. You must obtain 60% or above in each chapter test to progress to the final DME certification exam.

Second Step to Certification Status

Following successful completion of the 12 chapter tests and obtaining a score of 60% or above, you can take the multiple choice DME exam. The exam tests your digital marketing knowledge across all chapter topic areas. To become a certified DME professional you must obtain 70% or above.




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